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Templar build item and stats

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#1 AGanoti



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Posted 03 November 2013 - 11:40 AM

hey guys i've got a lvl 163 templar but this build is for when shes lvl 200 whats the best pvp templar build stats and items
what im looking for:
*fast kill

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#2 zelper88


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Posted 04 November 2013 - 04:52 PM

Right now, the only Templar PVP that is remotely decent (and that's being generous) is a Templar that utilizes attack skills. I'd imagine the best items are a C.Harb (after it's fixed to proc Sword-Cross) and a Chaos set, with a Majestic Ametrine for damage and a normal Ametrine to swap for a bit more HP (probably not worth it). You could also make a Kalgas set dedicated to HP (STA awakes, full VC12% cards) stacking to swap incoming damage, but again it's probably not that worth it.

Templar PVP damage isn't all that high compared to the better PVP classes. Their best asset is an almost spammable stun, hoping Sword-Cross procs and popping one of their "nukes", i.e. Sky Splitter or Dimension Splitter, while being buffed by Chaos Guard and having applied Sword Stom. Something like Chaos Guard > Shield Bash > Sword Storm > Shield Bash > Dimension Splitter > Sky Splitter would be a decent combo, and if the target's not dead then, follow up with an action slot of the Knight AoE (Power Stomp) or the Templar AoE (Maelstrom Strike). Of the whole two Templars that actually PVP, which is generally just arena play for lulz it seems, most use Power Stomp, I believe because it casts faster, though the damage output per hit is lower, I'd imagine the DPS works out similarly due to faster casting, not to mention it stuns . If you're stacking STR, you could just spam Dead Man's Lure and kinda YOLO for the kill, but stuns are always nice.

As you can probably tell by playing, most of the skills Templars have cast very slow compared to an FM, Mentalist or Arcanist, which makes them less than ideal and difficult to combo tons of damage in a short period of time, which is another reason Templars aren't really a Siege/Colo class. They used to be solid 1v1, but were nerfed to the ground as 1v1 for PVP. Overall, I'd make another PVP class, unless you're just trying to have some fun with a Templar because "competitively" (using that term loosely for FlyFF PVP), they're not the bee's knees by any stretch of the imagination. They do alright in the arena, though, which is where most get their fill of PVP now.



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